Cashing In on Chaos

Cashing In on Chaos

From U.S. President Donald Trump's Nuclear Doctrine, to Russian President Vladimir Putin's fanciful and terrifying videos, to new weapons tests in India, a global arms race is heating up. We are nearly 30 years removed from the Cold War and seven decades from the invention of nuclear weapons, yet we're closer to doomsday than ever before.
How did we get here?
At the heart of this race to our own annihilation are a handful of arms producers, shadowy investment institutions and banks that are cashing in on chaos. They have provided an additional $81 billion more to nuclear producers since 2016, with a whopping $75 billion to fund Trump's nuclear ambitions alone. All of these new nuclear weapons planned are still in the research and development phase, years away from actual deployment. The companies funding the race need private sector investment to develop nuclear weapons and related components. They rely on our money, and our ignorance, to do it.
By pulling back the curtain to show the flow of capital that is the lifeblood for renewed nuclear hostilities, we can reverse this march toward destruction with a strong dose of sunshine and a clear pathway to disarmament.
Twenty companies including Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, BAE Systems in the U.K. and even Boeing actually develop nuclear weapons systems with the backing of more than 300 global investors. We can cut off the money flow and make it clear to all private sector companies that nukes are bad business.
Simple logic dictates that making nuclear weapons more usable makes using nuclear weapons more likely. This is only possible through investors like Blackrock Group and Vanguard Capital, banks like Citigroup, and the pension funds we rely on for retirement.
These investments are not neutral, they do not sit quietly accumulating interest. Instead, our money is used to place bets on the economy, and right now that money is banking on Armageddon. Money that we responsibly set aside for our future is being used to increase the chances that the future never comes.
We know that the power of our purses or the weaponization of our wallets actually gets companies to stop making weapons designed to kill innocent civilians. We've done it before at the height of the last Cold War, when we got General Electric out of the nuclear weapons business, and more recently when we pressured Lockheed Martin to stop making cluster bombs.
We're doing it again, by demanding that our banks and pension funds invest in the future we want, not the future of destruction.
Nuclear weapons producing companies are going onto investor blacklists, from the biggest pension fund on the planet, to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. The private sector is moving ahead on a path away from nuclear nightmares, they're saying don't bank on the bomb.
The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, adopted by the U.N. last July, makes developing and funding nuclear weapons programs illegal under international law. Companies who do not shift course will find themselves on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of the law and the losing side of global markets.
We've waited decades for the men who created this international security framework based on fear and luck to take action and end the nuclear threat. We are done waiting.
We're coming for their weapons and cutting off their funding.
There can be no long-term profits from the end of the world as we know it. Not everyone is willing to associate with Armageddon. It's an easy decision to stand for the future instead of profit from terror.
Which side are you on?
The Future of War May Be Virtual

The Future of War May Be Virtual

Training military personnel to keep up with new technology has always been a challenging and expensive process and is long due for a change, say experts. By 2022, as much as $11 billion will go to virtual, augmented and mixed reality training systems, with virtual reality becoming a primary focus of military innovation.
While projections vary in this new industry, the virtual reality market is rapidly expanding worldwide. Overall the global VR market is expected to reach $75 billion by 2021, with China's demand potentially surpassing 85 million units by 2021 and passing America's 68 million units forecast. With the consumer sector driving innovation and spending on the market, in countries such as the U.K.South Korea and Australia, platforms have also been developed for incorporating VR strategies in the government sector, such as the military.
According to a brief sponsored by Samsung and put together by FedScoop, a media platform covering the federal government market, the U.S. Department of Defense has relied so far on live training sessions, simulating true-to-life battle scenarios, computers simulators or interaction with avatars in a so-called “synthetic environment.” For “synthetic” digital training alone, the U.S. spends around $14 billion a year, the brief shows. But as technology is making progress and mobile technology improves, so are the training methods for the troops.
Thanks to courses and simulators that can now work on mobile devices with only VR gear attached, soldiers can now be trained anywhere in the world through cloud-shared content. They can simulate using new weapons, engage in new military strategies, even practice high-risk jumps from military planes. Additionally, veterans can immerse themselves in therapeutic environments to help them cope with their post-war anxiety.

Carelli's Degrees: the natal Mercury of Donald Trump

If you're familiar with Adriano Carelli's book The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac (AFA, 3rd printing 1982) you know that the rounding-up method used for Sabian Symbols is not used for Carelli's Degrees. Therefore, the natal 11th house Mercury of Donald Trump (8Can51) is read in Carelli's explanation of '8Cancer' for which he gives no word picture (symbol). Not all his degrees have such symbols but each degree has an explanation, empirically collected, and often with historical references.

Now as you know, Mr. Trump's natal Mercury, planet of thinking processes, communications, commerce, deals, trades, and trickery has only a square to his natal Neptune (5Libra, 2nd house of Money and Values) to depend on for moderation. As you also know, this square spotlights his pathological lying, incorrect assumptions, lack of discretion, and outright schemes to win the imaginary war he's internally fighting with the entire world. In my experience, Neptune doesn't tend to 'moderate' anything but does tend to dissolve and suggest overblown ideas and plans while undermining thinking processes and judgment, veils motives and actions, confuses issues, and attempts to deflect from the less savory characteristics a person holds. Of course, Neptunian inspiration isn't always negative but it isn't always positive either--motive always counts, such as getting oneself out of a jam via deceit and equivocation.

So let's turn to Adriano Carelli for insights into '8Cancer', the degree of Trump's natal Mercury and if any of the following sounds familiar then we're on the same page! I shall hereby quote in its entirety this Mercurial picture of the very Mercurial wheeler-dealer, Donald Trump, Uranian extraordinaire who brings chaos to whatever he touches while his Libran Jupiter shouts, it's not fair!:

"A lazy and sensuous being, much too prone to self-indulgence and wantonness. But he has horse sense and a mind cut out for life's rough-and-tumble existence and is not totally destitute of that cunning that often replaces intelligence in fools. A general tendency toward aberration and to illicit ties (in a woman this will mean easy seduction) will expose the native to the danger of adulteries or otherwise guilty intercourse threatening his married happiness and renown. As he knows no measure, not even in speaking or writing, he will be led to more or less serious indiscretions which, according to other pointers in the horoscope, may range from petty, mischievous gossip to veritable libel, from the dutiful might be sued for slander, not for abuse (unless other components give him courage enough to voice his opinions openly) as he is too cowardly to face people directly, and delights in publishing spicy gossip about them. He usually likes to entrench himself behind the responsibility of others and to hide the hand that flings the stone. A gazetteer more than a journalist, he might have success with the chronique scandaleux and, if the horoscope helps, he may lead a paper with success; otherwise he will stoop to publishing infamous defamation and anonymous letters.

EXAMPLES: James I, king of England (Sun's degree); Benito Mussolini (degree of the point of *equidistance)." * 'point of equidistance' is the Sun-Moon midpoint. jc

Now I have typed here and there since the 'election' of Donald Trump that I wish him to do well in the role because as POTUS goes, so goes our America. However, the above Mercurial explanation of Mr. Trump more than suggests that he is not in possession of the temperament or the higher ethics that the role of US president requires for best success. And since there are those who 'select' world leaders, as a Child of the Revolution I can only surmise that the undermining--no, the collapse--of America and the 'old order' of 1776 is their ultimate objective in selecting the lewd and wanton Donald J. Trump to be the man now stooping in the White House and befouling our nation by word and deed.

So am I partisan? Yes. Partisan for the common good!

Above NASA photo: planet Mercury

A Natal Chart for Sam Nunberg June 21, 1981

March 6, 2018: political consultant Sam Nunberg has been all over the news this week related to the Mueller investigation--here's an update on Sam Nunberg, former (twice fired!) employee of Donald Trump and accolyte of political operative Roger Stone who considers politics to be "performance art" (which is what I've been blogging for over 12 years now--political theater, dahlink!). Mr. Nunberg now says he will indeed respond to the Mueller subpoena after asserting yesterday that he would not because it might imperil his mentor, Roger Stone.

Without a birth time or a confirmed location of his birth (I suspect New York City so I'm using it to set the chart), here's a speculative 'noon' horoscope for Sam (Samuel?) Nunberg, member of the New York state bar, and man born with thinking-communicating Mercury Rx melded to his natal Sun (self-absorb much?) which is probably @00Cancer+ but if born prior to 7:54 am edt, may be in the last degree of chatty Gemini; Moon is in Aquarius (10:13--23:04). Either way, Sun and Mercury conjoin one of the Cardinal World Points of Manifestation so it seems that world fame is one of Mr. Nunberg's objectives in life.

Please enlarge the image if you wish to read the few notes penned on:


Blog Note: the idea to post a version of the Nunberg natal chart was inspired by Leo Moon.

March 6, 2018: Mercury to Aries Point w Stars

Horoscope Image: March 6, 2018 2:34:25 am est White House Washington DC; Cardinal Water strong; Hour of Mercury in 'its' 3rd house of Communications; chart-ruler Saturn @7Cap41 and rising with Facies (ruthlessness or the victim); Mercury and Venus conjunct Scheat (misfortune; intellect), Sun conjunct Achernar (risk of rapid endings; crisis) and remains near masking, disguising, deceptive Neptune, North Node @14Leo31 8th house points toward Dubhe (loving but forceful); Mars conjoins the prophetic Hopi 'Blue Star' Ras Alhague and the Moon-SN conjunction of Donald Trump; and the Scorpio Jupiter in 11th house inflates starry Agena (the pain of learning).

In 2nd house you see the current Solar Eclipse of February 15, 2018 (27AQ07) in the 1 South Saros Series (flooded with ideas or options--Brady) where karmic progress can be made, and the last lunation, the Syzygy Moon @11Vir22 in the corporate 8th house as is the North Node of future direction. As you see in the horoscope, the planets form a BOWL shape with the fluctuating Moon @9Sco51 in 10th house leading the planetary throng; quirky radical Uranus @26Ari09 and asteroid of grieving mothers, Niobe, conjoin the Ending or Foundation Point of the chart, the IC. Pluto at a critical degree (20Capricorn) and rising behind Saturn, both karmic planets set to meet in Great Conjunction on January 12, 2020 @23Capricorn.

Three midpoint pictures are penned on the chart; any, all, or none may apply:

Lower left, Mars-Saturn = ASC; upper right, Mars-Pluto = Saturn; mid-right, Mars-MC = Jupiter. Now planet Mars rules the Cardinal Aries Point, as you know, and planet Mars @23Sag23 rises in 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Self-Undoing after conjoining Mr. Trump's Moon and South Node conjunction and describing the anger, quarrels, and separations recently surrounding Mr. Trump.

Also of note is Chiron to Aries Point which first becomes exact April 17, 2018, again September 25, 2018, and third/last on February 18, 2019.

A Changeable Moon Fighting for Survival in Scorpio

The double Water blend of Sun Pisces-Moon Scorpio suggests a period of emotional and psychological insights and intuition, deep and complex feelings, and mental clarity for those who can transcend their personal prejudices; courage in the face of adversity may be in evidence along with the tendency to manipulate others in order to increase one's power and advantage while using scathing criticism and a fighting spirit in the process.

Sun Pisces-Moon Scorpio blend is shared natally by author John Steinbeck who perhaps puts the day's energies into context saying, "It is the nature of a man as he grows protest against change, particularly change for the better."

'30Pisces' = "The Great Stone Face"..."DISCERNMENT...destiny is character."

'1Aries' = "A Woman Rises Out of the Water, a Seal Is Embracing Her"..."REALIZATION...the self cannot separate itself from its own private obsessions." (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.

March 2018 Deadly Storms: "A Tree Felled and Sawed"

The current Solar Eclipse series perfected on February 15, 2018 at the rounded-up degree of 28Aquarius, the degree of the late afternoon Moon of July 4, 1776, the US public's We The People degree. The Sabian Symbol for '28AQ" is particularly tragic during current storms and it's not only in America that falling trees are killing people but on Portugal's island of Madeira showing that my calling this 1 South eclipse the 'We The People Eclipse' is not a wide enough reference to much deeper meanings. Yet my condolences are wide enough to spread across the globe.

For as secretly feared, and knowing that damage, loss, disruption, and/or sudden events may accompany any eclipse, the February 2018 Solar Eclipse themes of 1 South are all too cryptic - flooded with ideas and options (Brady) with the unfortunate Neptunian keyword being 'flooded'.

Here is the Marc Edmund Jones version of '28AQ':

"A Tree Felled and Sawed...keyword: IMMEDIACY."


The Sabian Symbols in Astrology Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.

Predictive Astrology Bernadette Brady.

Mar 2, 2018: Mars Transits to Trump natal planets

March 2, 2018: The orbit of planet Mars is approximately two years in length so it's a regular occurrence for us all that the planet of anger, quarrels, and testosterone riles up, triggers, or activates the potentials of a person's natal Moon (emotions, feelings, moods) 'like clockwork' and Mr. Trump is no less subject to such a transit. Yet perhaps Mars transits affect him more than many since little Donnie was born with Mars rising in proud Leo and, as we know, he is an aggressive fellow on multiple levels who 'hits back' whenever provoked or criticized--like the street-fighter and thuggish bully that he is.

Now I won't burden you in this post by listing the week's events which must certainly have angered Mr. Trump for anyone who checks media at all has heard or read all about them. Separation from positions in the White House has continued to occur, resignations announced, and the tiresome phrase 'rats deserting a sinking ship' comes too easily to mind. The entire Trump episode must give Mr. Putin moments of extreme glee as his plan to undermine the great America is proceeding well under Mr. Trump's unstable steerage. Chinese leaders must be getting a bunch of ha-has out of America's weakening as well. (Round up Trump's natal Moon degree to '22Sag' and we have, as previously noted here many times, "A Chinese Laundry"--and the whiff of money-laundering is difficult to miss!)

On June 14, 1946 at 10:54 am est in Queens, NY, Donald Trump entered the earthly flux with the Moon conjoining Luna's own South Node, a separative point with Saturnian implications and suggesting difficulties with Mother and women. 20--22 Sagittarius was the place then and is the spot where transit Mars now ruffles and aggravates so we know that separations (SN) and anger, even rage (Mars), are on Trump's menu this week. Tantrums and 'energetic' displays of emotion are the calling card of Mars to natal Moon along with hurt feelings which are covered up by displays of anger. Release of tension may be a result of his hissy fits--and then there's always ill-advised tweeting for expressing his royal displeasure.

In the real world, the chaotic busy-ness of the week's events, as some pundits have noted, demonstrates the pace of life speeding up just as this transit by Mars often brings. Plus, Mars in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius denotes the need to convince others of one's ideas along with the tendency to take rash actions (Ebertin) and Trump's Sag Moon identifies his changing moods, inconstancy, and a tendency for pessimism to alternate with optimism. Mars and South Node contacts suggest, as noted, separations especially from males so perhaps the reputed resignation of General McMaster is closer than the public imagines (by the end of this month?) although another Trump associate of the male persuasion, Josh Raffel, resigned this week around the time of the Hope Hicks resignation. (Edit 8:40 pm: and I almost forgot Jeff Sessions who teeters in his post but who has 'dug in' almost daring Trump to fire him. However, there are people will do Anything to achieve success, and the cost of the struggle is of no concern because it's passed on to others' shoulders, the culprit never made to answer for his acts--or so he thinks.

That is Until We The People stand up for our heritage of an American Spirit that is not within Donald Trump or his co-conspirators for theirs is a false patriotism, their mummers of good will ring hollow.#

If you actually need to, see a list of White House resignations and firings compiled by USAToday.

Now during the last week of February, transit Mars opposed Trump's natal Uranus (his guiding planet of chaos and whimsy) indicating a period of disruption and spur-of-the-moment proposals (that may lead to disaster (steel and aluminum tariffs lead to a global trade war and higher consumer costs). Soon tr Mars will oppose Mr. Trump's natal Sun (22Gemini) (exact March 5), a time when his leadership is challenged (a continuing story, yes), ego-bruising occurs, and his vitality is lowered, perhaps to the point of burn-out.

Looking further ahead at the trail of Mars and some of its influence on Donald Trump's natal planets, we find that Mars squares his natal Neptune in Libra on March 22 (a lack of rational actions and rationalization of activities and motivations), Mars opposes natal Mercury on April 2 (plans and ideas are dismissed or ignored by others, angry words disrupt meetings and/or negotiations), Mars squares natal Jupiter in Libra on April 18 (exaggeration, extravagance, grandstanding, overreaching, and empty gestures increase), Mars opposes natal Saturn in Cancer on May 1 (time and energy wasted trying to circumvent rules and traditions, authority is resented and resisted), and Mars opposes natal Venus in Moon-ruled Cancer on May 5 (separation from allies, isolation, aggression, bad taste is shown, and diplomacy is thwarted).

Of course, karmic Saturn in transit is also affecting Mr. Trump--particularly his problematic Mercury-Neptune square of incorrect conclusions and loose grasp of facts. For a list of these transits try 2018 Saturn to Trump natal Mercury-Saturn Square with the next exact 'hit' coming on March 30.

Well, whatever you, dear reader, think of Donald Trump in the White House, perhaps you agree that Spring 2018 will be a difficult season for the Martian Mr. Trump and, as I've previously asserted multiple times, as a POTUS goes, so goes America and the American people.