Cashing In on Chaos

From U.S. President Donald Trump's Nuclear Doctrine, to Russian President Vladimir Putin's fanciful and terrifying videos, to new weapons tests in India, a global arms race is heating up. We are nearly 30 years removed from the Cold War and seven decades from the invention of nuclear weapons, yet we're closer to doomsday than ever before.
How did we get here?
At the heart of this race to our own annihilation are a handful of arms producers, shadowy investment institutions and banks that are cashing in on chaos. They have provided an additional $81 billion more to nuclear producers since 2016, with a whopping $75 billion to fund Trump's nuclear ambitions alone. All of these new nuclear weapons planned are still in the research and development phase, years away from actual deployment. The companies funding the race need private sector investment to develop nuclear weapons and related components. They rely on our money, and our ignorance, to do it.
By pulling back the curtain to show the flow of capital that is the lifeblood for renewed nuclear hostilities, we can reverse this march toward destruction with a strong dose of sunshine and a clear pathway to disarmament.
Twenty companies including Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, BAE Systems in the U.K. and even Boeing actually develop nuclear weapons systems with the backing of more than 300 global investors. We can cut off the money flow and make it clear to all private sector companies that nukes are bad business.
Simple logic dictates that making nuclear weapons more usable makes using nuclear weapons more likely. This is only possible through investors like Blackrock Group and Vanguard Capital, banks like Citigroup, and the pension funds we rely on for retirement.
These investments are not neutral, they do not sit quietly accumulating interest. Instead, our money is used to place bets on the economy, and right now that money is banking on Armageddon. Money that we responsibly set aside for our future is being used to increase the chances that the future never comes.
We know that the power of our purses or the weaponization of our wallets actually gets companies to stop making weapons designed to kill innocent civilians. We've done it before at the height of the last Cold War, when we got General Electric out of the nuclear weapons business, and more recently when we pressured Lockheed Martin to stop making cluster bombs.
We're doing it again, by demanding that our banks and pension funds invest in the future we want, not the future of destruction.
Nuclear weapons producing companies are going onto investor blacklists, from the biggest pension fund on the planet, to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. The private sector is moving ahead on a path away from nuclear nightmares, they're saying don't bank on the bomb.
The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, adopted by the U.N. last July, makes developing and funding nuclear weapons programs illegal under international law. Companies who do not shift course will find themselves on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of the law and the losing side of global markets.
We've waited decades for the men who created this international security framework based on fear and luck to take action and end the nuclear threat. We are done waiting.
We're coming for their weapons and cutting off their funding.
There can be no long-term profits from the end of the world as we know it. Not everyone is willing to associate with Armageddon. It's an easy decision to stand for the future instead of profit from terror.
Which side are you on?

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